Imaginations are made real..

“If you think creativity always comes at a high cost, then you probably at a wrong place.“
We are a team of CRAFTSMAN who loves CAMERA. Hire us for your next project and we won’t make you disappointed.


Krazy Mediaworks serves primarily as “Low budget- High virtue” filmmakers. We work with individuals of high caliber to bring about films of various plots which showcase diverse standards of film making.

Although we are Australian based, we work offshore as well, our offshore half being based in Bangladesh.  We maintain our assorted values while producing a certain film and excel in delivering a message and inspiring honesty in our films.

Krazy Mediaworks was founded by two simple yet erudite individuals, Wahid Siddique and Zafar Munna, seeking to portray the ordinary and often overlooked scenarios of certain people, their interactions with society and matters often considered trivial through their works to reach out to the general public and spread awareness. With a minimalist mindset on grossing income through their works, their approach dedicated more to elucidating creativity and promoting dialogue to make a difference.

Wahid Siddique
Country Head
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Akash Bulbul
Head of Media & Events
Zafar Munna
Production Manager

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